Christoph Korn / media works

Sprache der Disziplin (2004) | 100 scores

The departure point for the work "Sprache der Disziplin" [Language of Discipline] is the work „100 Life Stories - a history?“ which was supervised by Prof. Dr. Dieter Nittel at the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Univerity, Frankfurt. The project comprises at least one hundred interviews with contemporaries which were all recorded in writing. The interviews were methodically carried out as 'narrative interviews'.

For each interview the first page was processed: The speech of the interviewee and interviewer were deleted and replaced by blanks. Only the character system of the scientific method (breathing notation, notation of sentence construction, atmospheric notation, systematic notation)and the spaces created by the blanks remained.

premiere realisation of 60 scores: 2005 by Wolfgang Stryi, Contrabassclarinet solo, Kuenstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt (D)

"Sprache der Disziplin" is documented in: Dieter Nittel/Cornelia Maier (Hrsg.): Persönliche Erinnerung und kulturelles Gedächtnis, Opladen 2006.