Christoph Korn / media works

Pneuma (2014) | video work in 7 parts | duration: 35 minutes

Video in 7 parts, 35 minutes

On the left side of the video, one can hear and see a person uttering individual parts of the body (head, eye, mouth, face, neck, arm, hand, finger, chest, back, leg, foot).

Then, afterwards, the soundtrack of this video was played back in the recording studio and the person was asked to listen to the soundtrack with her/his eyes closed (right video).

With Franklin Berger, Axel Grube, Christel Korn, Katharina Mayer, Anne Probst, Anne Wissmann, Hannah Wissmann

The video was made possible by a working stipend from the Stiftung Kunstfonds, Bonn [the Bonn Art Foundation].