Christoph Korn / media works

volksliedmaschine (2002) | self-generating radio play | duration: ad infinitum

by Oliver Augst and Christoph Korn

The "Volksliedmaschine" ("Folk Song Machine") was thought up as a self-generating radio play. Its hardware basis is a computer or server storing an archive set up by the artists. This archive contains modules or files which have been arranged according to thematic and aesthetic considerations. The "segments" contained in the modules are speech elements in the form of verse, phrases, words. Software specially developed by the artists access the individual segments and modules of this "voice box" and by a process of combination, stratification, sound-processing, deletion and extension, renders it audible to the listener.

Production: Hessischer Rundfunk/BR/intermedium 2 / Center for Art and Media, ZKM Karlsruhe