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The audio work “825 Bars” is based on Richard Wagner's “Ride of the Valkyries.” Wagner's work was first transferred precisely to MIDI and then successively deleted over five repetitions.

The first impulse of the artistic process was to hammer cracks and “discontinuities" (Walter Benjamin) into the Wagnerian historical draft  (which finds expression in the massive orchestration), so that  the small, weak and oppressed could find a dwelling in the hollows and gaps.

The “sculptural” process on the score – the punching out of sound material – was given priority over the musical design.

However, the musical performance of the deletion score (which is available in a MIDI version) unexpectedly reveals the complexity and tremendous tonality of Wagner's work.

It took 825 bars to come to complete silence.

score / excerpts

Computer music notation / audio realization: Frank Heckel

825 Takte (2018) | score | 340 pages, 825 bars

Foto: Boris Cvjetanovic