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series invisible (2023)| audio work | Duration: 3hours 26minutes

series invisible

audio work by Christoph Korn and Lasse-Marc Riek

Voices: Caroline Junghanns and Ole Lagerpusch

Dramaturgy: Manfred Hess

Sound and recording: Tanja Hiesch and Christian Eickhoff

Production: Südwestrundfunk 2023

Made possible by a grant from the Stiftung Kunstfonds (Neustart Kultur)

The audio work "series invisible" is based on the text and audio project of the same name, which Christoph Korn and Lasse-Marc Riek have been continuously developing and writing since 2004. (see:

"series invisible" is a collection of so-called deletion notations. For this sound of selected locations or specific sound phenomena have been recorded using a digital audio recording device. Later on these recordings were deleted. This process of finding a location, recording and deleting is then captured textually. The result is an audio-event noted and transformed into script. The choice of the locations is purely subjective and does not follow any systematic interest.

Wind (soft)

Record: 8.8.2021, 3:24 PM, Mönbachtal, Eifel

Delete: 8.8.2021, 3:31 PM

Duration: 3´17´´

Since the beginning of the project in 2004, Christoph Korn and Lasse-Marc Riek have created several hundred such deletion notations. The notations, which are silent in their text form, testify to the existence of the particular location; just as they bear witness to two human beings and their life imprints.

For the audio piece, all deletion notations were read chronologically, beginning with the year 2004 until today (2022). The individual notations were split between a male voice (Ole Lagerpusch) and a female voice (Caroline Junghanns), always alternating.

Their quiet succession creates a sound image of remembrance. No continuous story is told. Rather, a structure of places, times, durations emerges. In the abstract text space, the insistent listener discovers remnants of sound, residues of physical power, repetitions of places visited again and again over the years, silent, speaking, lifelines through time, recordings, interruptions.....

The duration of the audio piece is about 3 hours and 26 minutes.